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2015 News

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Red Yucca
The August 2015 plant of the month is Red Yucca (Hesperaloe parviflora). Red Yucca is a tough drought tolerant plant that is native to the deserts of the southwest. Its grass-like form can grow to 4 feet tall and wide. This time of year the Red Yucca is in full bloom with pink and red flower spikes that attract hummingbirds. Red Yucca can be grown in full hot sun with very little supplemental water. They grow best in areas that are well drained. Red Yucca is planted throughout the airport grounds, mostly at 575 McDonnell Rd., Mel Leong Treatment plant, North Cargo building 900 and Airfield...
The Susanna Tong* Employment Information Center (EIC) is a one-stop, self-service resource center for job seekers. Since July 1997, the EIC has been a central location to view and apply for Airport employment opportunities and a recruiting resource for tenants. Employee resources such as childcare and transportation, computer based tutorials about resume writing and other skills and access to employment related websites are also available. In Fiscal Year 11/12 (July through June) Employment and Community Partnerships (ECP) staff posted 170 new job listings, assisted approximately 6,080...
The Cleveland sage is the July 2015 Plant of the Month. The Cleveland sage or Salvia clevelandii is a California native shrub. It grows in the wild on sunny and rocky slopes in the soft chaparral of Central California south to Baja. Cleveland sage produces an abundance of fragrant silver leaves and beautiful blue flowers that are extremely attractive to people and bees. The Cleveland sage is an excellent addition to any drought tolerant garden. Cleveland sage is planted throughout the Airport grounds, especially the outbound 101 road, the Airfield Operations building and on the Bay Trail.