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Pedestrian Safety on Airport Roadways and New Crosswalk G

Pedestrians have been observed jaywalking across busy Airport roadways at multiple locations.  Specifically, SFO employees have been observed crossing the roadway at Parking Garage G crossing into Courtyard G as a shortcut to the International Terminal. As a result, and for your safety, a new crosswalk connecting Parking Garage G and Courtyard G was recently added. (See attachment A)  Pedestrians must now use the new crosswalk when crossing at this intersection.  Jaywalking is a violation of the California Vehicle Code and Airport Rules and Regulations.  Anyone caught jaywalking may be cited by the SFPD-AB.  

Safety and security is the first priority at SFO.  To support this effort, we have recently enacted a Pedestrian Safety Stakeholder Taskforce to report on strategies that help build safer roads, educate the Airport community on traffic safety, enforce traffic laws, and adopt policy changes that save lives.  The objective is to create a culture that prioritizes traffic safety and ensures mistakes on our roadways do not result in serious injuries or death. 

Please keep in mind that unsafe behavior on the roadway by either motorists or pedestrians is a serious matter.  If you have any questions, you may call Abubaker Azam, Senior Manager, Landside Operations at 650.821.6516. 

Courtyard G Crosswalk  Courtyard G Crosswalk