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BART Discount Card Reload Issues

Since November 15th, BART Airport and Airline Discount Card holders have experienced difficulties with reloads to their credit or debit card when their balance falls below $10.  BART attributes this to a new software platform.  The problem now seems to be limited to reloads using the WageWorks Visa card and pretax cards issued by other transit benefit administrators.  Unfortunately, many employees have set aside funds on a pretax basis to pay BART costs, and need to be able to use those funds.

BART Manager S.C. Kumar has offered to reimburse Airport employees the difference between the full fare and the discount fare if they submit receipts.  BART does not have a mechanism to reimburse employees for their added tax burden if they have to use post-tax funds.

BART says they are working diligently with their vendors to solve the software issue.  In the meantime, affected employees can choose one of the following options:

  • Go to ezrider.bart.gov and change their payment instrument to a post-tax credit or debit card.  With this option, employees will pay the discounted Airport employee fare and not have to worry about buying tickets from BART vending machines, but will sacrifice tax savings, temporarily strand pretax funds already set aside with the WageWorks card, and may need to adjust pretax withdrawal amounts.   
  • Use the Wageworks Visa card (or other pretax card) to buy individual or multiple fares from BART vending machines and obtain receipts to be submitted to BART for the fare difference.  It is suggested that purchases be made daily.  Buying multiple days at a time may lead to unnecessary funds being set aside if BART solves the problem.
  • Use the Wageworks Visa card (or other pretax card) to reload a Clipper card, and use that for transportation to the Airport.  When BART fixes the problem, submit records of Clipper transactions to BART for reimbursement of the extra fare paid.  This option will allow funds placed on Clipper to be used for any BART trip in the future without loss (if a high-value BART ticket is purchased), or any transit trip (if pay-as-you-go fares are purchased).

To request reimbursement for BART overcharges, please provide evidence of the fare paid using one of the following:

  • receipts issued by BART vending machines
  • printouts of Clipper card activity
  • printouts of credit card activity. 

Make a pdf of the evidence weekly, starting Monday December 5, and send it as an attachment to S.C. Kumar of BART at schandr@bart.gov.  Mr. Kumar can be reached at 510.464.6970. 

UPDATE: As of Thursday, December 1st, BART states that the problem has been fixed.  Pretax cards such as the Wageworks Visa card should successfully reload about 3 am on Friday, December 2nd.  After returning home on December 1st, those employees choosing the first option above should go to ezrider.bart.gov, and switch their financial payment card back to a pretax card so it is ready for the next reload.  Employees that did not switch their financial payment card and were declined for a reload may find that their card is now approved for that reload, and their BART SFO Discount Card is valid and funded as of Friday morning.  Be sure to submit evidence of fare overcharges to BART by Monday, December 5th using the procedure above.        

Airport staff is working closely with BART to address this major inconvenience to Airport employees.  If you have questions, please contact Roger Hooson at 650.821.6511.