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February 2017 Plant of the Month - Dudleya brittonii

Dudleya brittoniiDudleya brittonii is a succulent plant in the Crassulaceae family.  Native to Baja California, it can also found growing on cliffs and bluffs along marine-influenced areas of Oregon, California, Arizona and Nevada.

The leaves of Dudleya brittonii are distinctive for their chalky white “wax” covering.  This wax attracts water and coats the drops on the leaves, which prevents their evaporation.

Dudleya brittonii requires good drainage, no summer irrigation and protection from frost.

There are stunning examples of this winter beauty along West Field Road in front of the Engineering building, and just before the Museum Building.


Fun Fact:  The wax on the leaves of the Dudleya brittoni has the highest measured ultraviolet reflectivity of any plant.