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Scheduled AirTrain Outage – April 4, 2017

The AirTrain will be taken out of service on April 4, 2017 from 10:00pm to 5:00am to perform required maintenance tasks on the track. SFO Shuttle will operate buses to and from all Terminals and the Rental Car Center during the outage.  In the event of rain, the outage will be postponed to a future date and an advisory will be sent out.

The buses will pick-up and drop-off customers on the departure level center islands for Tl, T3 and IT.  T2 pick-up and drop-off will be curbside.  Below is the bus frequency:

  • Between the hours of (10:00pm - 1:00am) and (3:01am - 5:30am) buses will operate every 5 minutes.
  • Between the hours of (1:01am - 3:00am) buses will operate every 15 minutes.

Signage will be placed within the terminals directing customers to the appropriate bus stops.  Additionally, Terminal announcements will be made every 10 minutes.

Staffing will also be available at the center islands, curbside and Rental Car Center to assist customers at the bus pick-up areas.

Please contact the Airport Duty Manager at 650.821.5222 if you have any questions.