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Meet SFO’s 2017 Interns

Intern Air Tour

SFO recently welcomed its summer interns for 2017.  A diverse group of high school and college students, the interns will work in departments throughout the Airport over the next few months and will be involved in a variety of daily tasks and special projects.  SFO’s interns are now featured on the Team Bios section of SFOC.  Meet them here.

SFO’s intern program dates back to 1997 when it started with 14 high school students.  The program has continually evolved since that time, becoming particularly robust over the past few years.  This summer more than 150 students are taking part—a 24 percent increase over last year!

Managed by the Employment and Community Partnerships (ECP) department, the internship program provides job skills and work experience to students while benefitting the Airport with extra assistance and youthful perspective.  A strong supporter of internship programs, many SFO staff and managers started out as Airport interns.

This summer, take a little time out of your day to meet and speak with our interns.  Chances are, you’ll both learn something new!


2017 SFO Intern Bios