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September 2017 Plant of the Month - Grevillea ‘Ned Kelly’

grevillea ned kellyThe Grevillea Ned Kelly is an attractive, medium-sized shrub that bears large brushes of orange-red flowers for most of the year.  A member of the protea family of plants, it is native to the Southern Hemisphere and prefers a sunny position in well-drained soil.  

The Grivillea Ned Kelly is a drought-tolerant shrub, making it ideal for low-water use Bay Area gardens. Ultimately growing to a height and spread of around 4 feet, the flowers produce abundant nectar and thus are favored by hummingbirds.

The Grevillea Ned Kelly can be seen growing along the frontage landscape at Building 900 on North Access Road.

Fun Fact:  Ned Kelly was a well-known Australian bushranger – a thief who lived in the Australian bush and robbed banks or coaches.