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SFO Completes Annual Emergency Exercise

Simulated terror attack tests emergency response, coordination between agencies

San Francisco International Airport (SFO) completed its annual emergency exercise today, simulating a terrorist attack in Terminal 1 that tested emergency procedures for communication, incident command, and coordination between multiple agencies. Although federal regulations require U.S. airports to conduct such a drill every three years, SFO conducts this full-scale emergency drill annually to ensure the highest level of readiness.

“Our highest priorities are safety and security, and our annual emergency exercise ensures that we continually improve our emergency response capabilities,” said Airport Director Ivar C. Satero. “With the participation of so many organizations and agencies, this exercise exemplifies the teamwork within our SFO airport community.”

The exercise demonstrated the effective coordination of various agencies, including Airport staff, the San Francisco Fire Department Airport Division, the San Francisco Police Department Airport Bureau, mutual aid units from around the Bay Area, and various state and federal agencies. Over 60 volunteers, complete with make-up, participated as role-play passengers.

The exercise also demonstrated the capabilities of the SFO Emergency Operations Center (EOC), which serves as the focal point of the Airport’s efforts to restore normal operations following an event. The facility has been used extensively since its opening in 2000.