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SFO Museum invites you to a Weaving Display March 10th

Weaving Display

Weaving Display by Mayan Artisan on Saturday, March 10th, at 4:15pm
San Francisco International Airport • International Terminal
Pre-Security at the rear of the Main Hall Departures Lobby

In conjunction with the exhibition Empowering Threads: Textiles of Jolom Mayaetik, SFO Museum is proud to present a live display of backstrap loom weaving by Elvia Gómez López, president of Cooperativa Jolom Mayaetik in San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico. Charlene Woodcock, exhibition partner and co-editor of the new book, Weaving Chiapas: Maya Women’s Lives in a Changing World, will be on hand along with the exhibition curator.