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SFO Exceptional Employee Recognition – Shao Hua Wu

Shao Hua WuSFO Custodial employee Shao Hua Wu’s patient and conscientious actions with a lost passenger recently helped reunite a family for its connecting flight to China.  

On April 13th, a 78-year-old gentleman became separated from his wife while trying to reach his connecting flight, and got lost when he accidentally exited the security area.  The gentleman, who does not speak English, did not have any identification, documentation or working cell phone with him, and became frightened, not knowing how to reconnect with his wife, who also did not know how to reach him. 

Shao Hua Wu found the gentleman in a state of panic, and calmed him down.  After helping him connect to the Airport’s Wi-Fi, he was able to contact his family through WeChat (a Chinese multi-purpose messaging and social media app) and let them know he was okay.  He then recruited help from the Airport Police Department and United Airlines’ Customer Care, and was able to reunite the gentleman with his wife, who were then able to make their flight to China. 

Upon returning to China, the grateful family wrote Mr. Wu a letter of gratitude.

Shao Hua Wu works the swing shift in Terminal 3 and always demonstrates a commitment and dedication to maintaining the Airport’s Core Values.  In addition to his custodial duties, Mr. Wu teaches an International Line Dancing class as part of the Airport’s Wellness program.

SFO is proud to recognize Custodial employee Shao Hua Wu as an exceptional employee who exemplifies the Airport’s mission “to provide an exceptional airport in service to our communities”.