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Butte County Wildfires and SF Air Quality

The fires in Butte County are expected to impact the air quality in and around SFO and the rest of the Bay Area throughout the weekend. Everyone working at SFO should take necessary precautions for as long as the poor air quality persists.

Employees who work outdoors should minimizing non-essential outdoor activities, use provided protection as needed, such as N95 masks, and reschedule non-critical outdoor work. If you have a question about your work activities, please talk to your supervisor.

Inside the terminals and other facilities, our Central Plant team is running all applicable air conditioning systems on a recirculation mode to reduce the effect of the poor air quality.

To see the latest US Environmental Protection Agency’s Air Quality Index for the Bay Area, please visit airnow.gov.

For health tips and recommendations on dealing with poor air quality, please visit sfdem.org.

The situation will continue to be monitored and we will continue to support our employees, our guests, and our communities.