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Butte County Camp Fire Victim’s Pet Donation Drive

Please join the MVP Committee and North Bay Animal Services (NBAS)* to help pets that have been injured, stranded and separated from their families due to the Butte County Camp Fire. NBAS provides comprehensive animal services to the community and will deliver donations to numerous animal shelters and humane societies in Butte County that are providing shelter, care, and other needed services to the Camp Fire victims’ pets to help them survive and re-unite with their owners.

Items Needed:

  • Cat Litter (clumping and non-clumping)
  • Cat Food (canned and kibbles)
  • Dog Food (dry and wet, grain-free)
  • Other items such as treats, toys, beds, blankets, cleaning supplies (paper towels, brooms/dust pans, plastic spray bottles)

Donation Dates:
March 11, 2019 – April 10, 2019

Drop-off Locations:

  • Administrative Campus (Bldg. 674)
  • Airfield Operations Facility (1057 North Access Road)
  • Facilities Maintenance Building (Bldg. 676)
  • Human Resources Building (Bldg. 710)
  • ITB Administrative Offices (International Terminal, 5th Floor)
  • Safety and Security Services Offices (Terminal 2)
  • SFO Business Center (Bldg. 575)

If you have any questions, please contact:


*North Bay Animal Services is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization based in Petaluma and dedicated to providing comprehensive services to the community that result in fewer homeless animals, greater retention, and happier families.