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SFO Gate Number Changes Start October 16th

SFO is implementing a new gate numbering system, changing all gate numbers, effective October 16, 2019. 

The new gate numbering system breaks it down to specific boarding areas within each terminal using an alpha-numeric format with a letter corresponding to the boarding area (A—G), and a sequential number relative to its location from the checkpoint to the end of the concourse.

  • International Terminal will have Boarding Areas A, gates A1 – A15, and Boarding Area G, gates G1 – G14
  • Harvey Milk Terminal 1 will have Boarding Area B, gates B1- B27, and Boarding Area C, gates C1 – C11
  • Terminal 2 will have Boarding Area D, gates D1 – D18, and
  • Terminal 3 will have Boarding Area E, gates E1 – E13, and Boarding Area F, gates F1 – F22

Changes will happen overnight and be in place across all terminals for the first flights operating on October 16th.  

Check out our gate numbering video for a quick overview of the change. Or, use the table to translate a current gate number to its new number.

Gate Map