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April 2016 Plant of the Month - Drumsticks

Isopogon latifoliusThe April 2016 Plant of the Month is Isopogon latifolius, commonly known as drumsticks due to their globular shaped fruit.  Drumsticks grow in small to medium shrubs with large, pink flower clusters that blossom on the end of the branches in the spring. 

Drumsticks are native to the South Western corner of Australia, an area that is known as one of the most diverse plant communities on the planet.  The dry climate here provides the well-drained soil and full sun that are needed for them to thrive.  The shrubs will grow to around 6 feet tall and 6 feet wide.

A relatively rare plant, both in the landscape as well as its natural habitat, the one and only specimen at SFO is located at the SFO Business Center at 575 McDonnell Road.

Derivation of Name:

Isopogon:  from Greek isos, equal, and pogon, a beard, a reference to the hairs surrounding the fruits

latifolius:   From Latin lati, wide, and folium, a leaf, referring to the broad foliage.