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Asiatic Lilies are the June 2014 Plant of the Month

The June 2014 Plant of the Month is Asiatic lilies. Asiatic and Oriental lilies are the two most popular types of lilies for ornamental gardens. Asiatic lilies are among the easiest to grow. They're very hardy, need no staking, and are not particularly fussy about soil, as long as it drains well. Oriental lilies have become increasingly popular, due to their large, exotic (often frilly) blooms and heavy, sweet perfume. They can be grown successfully in much of the Bay Area, provided the soil is organic and acidic with good drainage, and you mulch them heavily each fall.

For the next couple of months you can see various Asiatic lilies flowering in multiple locations around SFO. Last fall the landscape staff planted over 1,000 Asiatic lily bulbs.