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Fung Lum at SFO Offers Help to San Bruno Community

Fung Lum Corporate Manager Parnell Pang delivers food to Red Cross volunteers and staffOn September 9, 2010, a natural gas explosion and fire in San Bruno destroyed dozens of homes and impacted the lives of hundreds of residents in the local community. Immediately upon hearing the news of this tragic event, SFO’s Fung Lum Restaurant began exploring ways to help those affected as well as those responding to the emergency. The restaurant contacted the American Red Cross and offered to provide complimentary food and drinks to anyone in need. Representatives with the Red Cross graciously accepted their offer, and the restaurant immediately ramped up their kitchens by increasing vendor deliveries and bringing in extra staff to help with food preparation and cooking. Soon after, Fung Lum delivered from SFO to the Red Cross command center in Burlingame, CA, Chinese food to cater to approximately 75-100 volunteers, emergency responders and victims. The menu for that day included Chow Mein, Beef Fried Rice, Chinese Chicken Salad, Beef & Broccoli, BBQ Chicken, Pot Stickers, Spring Rolls and other items.

Fung Lum’s commitment to helping the San Bruno community is still ongoing. On Sunday, September 19, the restaurant donated another 100-120 meals to the volunteers, counselors and support services still working at the Red Cross Disaster Centers in San Bruno and Burlingame. Here, workers are still helping the affected families to rebuild their lives after finding their homes damaged or destroyed.

“While our contributions are modest in relation to the scale of the disaster, we believe that every bit helps,” said Parnell Pang, Corporate Manager of Fung Lum Restaurant. “Most importantly we hope that our example encourages others at the Airport and in the community to join us in giving to those in need.”

Fung Lum Restaurant has delighted diners for over 60 years with its unique tastes of Chinese cuisine topped with an international flare. Originating in Hong Kong (then a British colony) in 1950, Fung Lum offers Cantonese cuisine that has appealed widely to diners in Taiwan, Malaysia, Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area. Fung Lum opened its Fung Lum “Express” concept at San Francisco International Airport in the International Terminal in 1999 and two more locations in Domestic Terminals 1 & 3 in 2005. Fung Lum is proud to be a certified Green Business under San Mateo County’s RecycleWorks Program.