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A New SFO Connect is Here!

The new SFO Connect is here!

New features include:

  • Toolbox shortcut menu with links to work resources and fun information
  • Featured Tenant profiles
  • Discount Spotlights
  • Sustainability section
  • Enhanced search capabilities
  • A new Forms library with search and filtering tools
  • Mobile-friendly, responsive layout

Plus, the new site features a mobile-friendly, responsive layout!

Airport Commission employees will now log in using their Office365 account information. This is a different account than the login used to sign into your computer.

Video Tutorials

Watch these short videos that explain the new Office365 login process for Airport Commission employees, and tips on where to find commonly used features.

Part 1: Introduction & Login with Office365 
(1 minute, 35 seconds)

Part 2: About Section
(34 seconds)

Part 3: Community Section
(21 seconds)

Part 4: Businesses & Agencies Section
(33 seconds)

Part 5: People & Development Section
(27 seconds)

Part 6: Badging & Security Section
(33 seconds)

Part 7: Forms Section
(46 seconds)

Part 8: Footer Section
(49 seconds)

Part 9: Site Search
(34 seconds)