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September 2015 Plant of the Month - Yucca gloriosa

Sept 2015 POM - Yucca

The September 2015 plant of the month is the Yucca gloriosa.  This sculptural plant bears blue, gray-green and dark green in shades of sword-like leaves with smooth margins that are up to 24 inches in length.  In summer, the plant produces 8-foot spikes of nodding, bell-shaped, fragrant white flowers that sometimes are tinged purple and to 2 inches in length.

Occurring naturally in coastal dunes from North Carolina to Florida, this shrub thrives in sandy, well-drained soil and in heat and humidity.  The Yucca grows as architectural specimens in a border or courtyard, or in containers.

Enjoy the Yucca’s blooming in various locations including West Field Road, the Rental Car Center, and the SFO Business Center.