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September 2016 Plant of the Month – Red Yucca

Red Yucca

The plant of the month for September is the Red Yucca (hesperaloe parviflora), a favorite of the SFO Landscape Team.  Native to Central and Western Texas, the Red Yucca is a stemless succulent with clumps of arching and spreading grass-like foliage.  The long, leathery, narrow blue-green leaves have deep grooves and white fraying fibers along the margins, and winter temperatures sometimes turn the foliage slightly purple.  Red Yucca grows in clumps up to 6 feet wide.  In late spring to mid-summer, the clusters of rose-pink flowers are borne on tall red flower stalks up to 5 feet long and arch up and outward.  Red Yucca thrives in full sun or light shade and in well-drained soil.  It is a drought tolerant, low maintenance plant, hardy to well below 0° Fahrenheit, and occasional irrigation will promote flowering.

Red Yucca can be seen at a number of locations around SFO, including 575 N. McDonnell Road, Airfield Operations, and North Access Road.