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SFO and SFFD Conduct High Angle Emergency Training Exercises

High Angle TrainingThe San Francisco Fire Department (SFFD) and SFO are preparing for the opening of the new control tower in October by expanding their response expertise to include High Angle Training.  High Angle Training is a variety of rope rescue technique used to aid persons on a steep or vertical terrain.  Because of the structural design of the new control tower – with its pronounced height and a top that bows outward – unique challenges arise in the event that a rescue becomes necessary.   These challenges extend to the workers in and around the tower – such as air traffic controllers inside, or window washers outside – and make the need for preparedness exercises critical in the event of an emergency.

Participating in these exercises are SFFD Rescue Station 2 (SFO’s 1st responder in an emergency), Rescue Station 1 (SFO’s 2nd responder), and SFO Emergency Planning staff with Rescue Systems Training.  Exercises were conducted at Parking Garage G the weekend of July 9th and 10th, with more being planned in the future.

According to SFFD Chief Rudy Castellanos, “these are low frequency, high risk events that we’re training for.  We don’t expect them to happen often, but when they do, there is a great degree of danger involved.  This makes it paramount that all possible respondents train and gain a high level of proficiency.” SFFD High Angle Drills

SFO’s first priority is safety and security.  In accordance with its core values, the Airport will continue to conduct periodic High Angle emergency training in preparation for the new control tower and to ensure that the Airport is 100% prepared in the event of any emergency.