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SFO Mourns the Loss of Maria Lourdes Soza

SFO mourns the loss of Maria Lourdes Soza, an employee of the Subway food and beverage facility in Terminal 3.  Maria was slain by a stray bullet outside the family’s duplex in the Bayview neighborhood on January 28, 2015 while her three children stood just a few feet away.  She was employed by Subway for the past eight years and the last position she held was Assistant Manager.

“Everybody loved Maria because she was very friendly,” remarked Soza’s sister, who is also named Maria and is the SFO Subway Manager.  “She treated customers like family.  She was a very hard working woman and always smiled.  I could call her at 1:00 a.m. and ask her to come to work by 3:00 a.m. and she would come in, no problem.” 

According to the family, Soza was a native of Nicaragua and just turned 33.  She lived in Nicaragua until the age of nine before immigrating to the United States and making her home in San Francisco.  Maria Lourdes Soza is also survived by four sisters who were all named Maria but given different middle names.