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SFO's Annual Clean Sweep - October 24 through November 4, 2016

SFO’s Annual Clean Sweep, October 24 to November 4

It’s time for SFO’s Annual Clean Sweep, a collective effort to inspect, clean, and beautify our facilities.

During Clean Sweep all tenants are asked to:

  • Conduct general housekeeping, with a special focus on removing items that may create Foreign Object Debris (FOD) or attract wildlife
  • Work with Airport Duty Managers and Property Managers to identify areas that need additional cleaning or repair
  • Discard unused items such as furniture, signage or electronic equipment (e-waste). Please note: no hazardous materials permitted. Dumpsters will be located at:

  • Courtyard 1

  • Courtyard 4 (regular dumpster and e-waste dumpster)

  • Airside by Gate 75, adjacent to the secure connector bridge

  • Airside by Gate A1, adjacent to AOA Gate 19 (regular dumpster and e-waste dumpster)

  • Airside by Gate 41

  • Airside adjacent to Swissport GSE and United Airlines cargo facilities.

Have questions or need additional information? Please contact your SFO Property Manager or the Duty Managers’ Office at 650.821.5222.