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annual registration

Fiscal Year 2015-2016

Annual registration fees must be paid at the renewal of each type of permit and when adding a new vehicle to a fleet.


Annual Vehicle Registration & Safety Inspection Fee:  (all vehicle types except long distance charter buses and limousines) $55.00
Long Distance Charter Bus Registration & Safety Inspection Fee:  
10 or less vehicles $500.00
20 or less vehicles $1,000.00
30 or less vehicles $1,500.00
40 or less vehicles $2,000.00
41 vehicles or more $4,000.00
Limousine Registration Renewal Fee:  
Prior to or on Oct 15th $55.00
Oct 16 - Nov 30th $80.00
Dec 1st onwards $105.00
Semi-annual Taxi Safety Inspection Fee (per vehicle) $55.00
Taxi Smart-Card Replacement Fee (2nd and subsequent replacements per card) $25.00
Temporary Identification Permit (TIP) $50.00
One-day Temporary Permit Fee $25.00
Special Event Permit Fee $500.00
Operator Re-orientation Fee (for revoked or suspended permits) $75.00
Late Permit Renewal Fee (Non-Limousine) 30 days or greater from the annual renewal date (per permit) $200.00
*Offsite Vehicle Inspection Service Fee (for fleets of 25 or more vehicles)*  
Each additional inspection over 20 vehicle in same day $12.50
*Offsite Vehicle Inspection Service Fee (per day, > 20 miles, up to 20 vehicles) $500.00
Each additional inspection over 20 vehicle in same day $25.00


*The offsite inspection fee must be prepaid at GTU prior to scheduling an offsite day. Offsite days will be every Tuesday and Thursdays during Taxi Season, May to September. A mimimum of 20 vehicles belonging to the same fleet is required for each offsite appointment. All cancellation must be notified 24 hours before the scheduled offsite inspection date.


     Fees may be paid by check and credit card (Visa/MasterCard/Discover).  
     Cash is not acceptable.