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charter vehicle pick-up, drop-off and staging locations

Charter Vehicles

Pick-Up (Domestic and International)
Passenger pick-up is allowed only at designated parking stalls in Courtyard 1 (between International Terminal A and Terminal 1 South) and Courtyard 4 (between Terminal 3 North and International Terminal G), Courtyards International Terminals A and G.
Please note: Courtyards 2 and 3 are closed

Domestic passenger drop-off is allowed at Terminals 1, 2 and 3, upper level white curbs.

International passenger drop-off is in International Terminal Courtyards A and G (ground level). Vehicles 24 or fewer seats and less than 30 feet in length may drop-off at the terminal curb white zones on Level 3 (departure level).


Charter vehicles must park in designated spaces in the staging area located at Surface Lot DD on South Airport Boulevard, North of San Bruno Avenue.

Please note: Charter vans with a seating capacity of seven (7) and under including the driver, with a height no more the 6' 10" may park in the airport's parking garage and pay the appropriate fee after picking up the charter party.

All passengers must be in the designated charter bus loading area with their luggage before vehicles can be called from the staging area to pick-up the passengers. Each driver must present a completed Waybill to the security guard at the charter bus loading area and to the San Francisco Police, Airport Bureau or Airport staff upon request.