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Jeff Littlefield
Jeff Littlefield
Chief Operating Officer

Name: Jeff Littlefield

Title: Chief Operating Officer

Airport Start Date: January 1989 as a UA Operations Supervisor

CCSF Start Date: June 2008

What is your education and/or work experience? B.S. San Diego State University, 2 years TWA, 2 years America West, 21 years with United Airlines, 7 years S.F.C.C.

Who are your direct reports? Eva Cheong, Ralf Ruckelshausen, Stacey Wilson, SFPD-AB, SFFD

What is your section responsible for? AirTrain, Duty Management, Landside Operations, Terminal Systems, Wayfinding, Airfield Operations, Communications Center, Radio Service, Aviation Security & Regulatory Compliance, Emergency Management, Safety Management Systems, Security Access Office (SAO), SFPD-AB, SFFD

What is your favorite thing about SFO? I definitely enjoy the people and the diversity coupled with our large-scale well-run operation.

What is your favorite thing about San Francisco? Its reputation as a world-class city, diversity throughout and excellent restaurants and amenities.

Where is your favorite place for vacation? Caribbean and South Pacific

What is your Favorite Charity? Do you do any Volunteer Work? Support various teen at-risk youth groups, counseling, mentoring and guidance.

What are your favorite Hobbies or Sports? Football. Boxing. Basketball. In that order. I also enjoy family, travelling, exercising and social activities.

What book are you currently reading? Mandela, Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence 2.0

What is your favorite film? The Godfather

Anything else you’d like to add? I look forward to working cooperatively, building on our strengths as a team, improving communication and ensuring we remain focused on making SFO #1.