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Design Review Committee


Liz Iriart
Design Review Committee coordinator

Committee Members

Blake Summers (SFO)

Nupur Sinha (SFO)

Katy Mercer (WoodsBagot)

Mei Mei Chan (MEI Architects)



By appointments only
SFO PM contacts Liz Iriart

674 West Field Road, Level 2, Room 2B

San Francisco International Airport (SFO) strives to provide the highest quality of passenger experience in the terminals, as well as campus-wide. The Airport Director established the Design Review Committee (DRC) in 1998 to review all construction proposals to ensure that scope and design are compatible with the aesthetic intent of SFO facilities. This includes all new construction and renovations, such as capital projects, tenant improvements, and facilities upgrades.

SFO’s aesthetic intent is to achieve a quiet sophistication and visual timeless quality. Its functional goals are clarity, consistency, and coherence.  DRC aims for passengers to feel comfortable, composed, and a sense of the Bay Area.

DRC is comprised of two Airport staff and two external members.  The external members serve a three-year term limit, providing a fresh perspective and broadening the Airport’s engagement with the Bay Area design community.

Design Review Process

In addition to the design review process, an airport staff member of the DRC will visit the site during construction and throughout the lease period to ensure final construction and operations are according to the DRC approval.  Any alterations to a DRC approved design needs to be re-approved by the DRC before opening to passengers or amended shortly thereafter.

Project size and scope area will determine how each approval needs to be presented. Small tenant projects can be reviewed in an hour at each phase, but large tenant improvements or building projects will need several presentations, each focusing on specific areas of the project. This will assist the DRC in providing effective input at the right time to ensure that the project moves forward smoothly. Emailing a documentation of the final approved details to the DRC will allow project teams and DRC to have a reference if alterations are required during procurement or construction.  

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