Amoura Employee Cafe

 SFO's new Amoura Employee Café is open to all SFO employees.  The Café offers a range of dining options including breakfasts, sandwiches, salads and Middle Eastern specialties.  Daily specials are available for $6.95.  Amoura Employee Café also features a number of amenities such as computers, free WiFi, big screen TV, a 3D chessboard and artwork by SFO employees--come relax and enjoy your break!  

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NEW! Try Amoura Employee Café's Salad Bar

Want to create your own fresh meal? Try Amoura’s new salad bar. There are more than 20 different items to choose from, including 3 types of greens (spinach, romaine and iceberg lettuce); pasta, bean and fruit salads; and a variety of dressings. No packaged salads—all are made fresh at Amoura! Just $6.95 for a large salad, $3.95 for a small salad—and add chicken for $2.00!

Amoura Employee Café

location: pre-security in Terminal 1 (near Boarding Area B)

hours: daily, 5:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

phone: 650.821.0040

fax: 650.821.0039

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