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SFO is home to rats, mice, gophers, squirrels, and voles. These mammals are food for larger animals such as snakes and birds. The Pest Management team handles most rodent issues. However, unusual sightings can also be referred to WildlifeSFO

Grey foxes, striped skunks, raccoons, long-tailed weasels and mule deer have all also been spotted on the Airport’s West-of-Bayshore property and on occasion, rabbits have been seen on the airfield. 

Skunks and Raccoons 

Skunks and raccoons have been seen around the airport grounds, often by employees who work late. These animals can be attracted to trash, another reason to keep waste secured.

Feral and Free-Roaming Cats (Felis catus)

A camera attached to pet cats recently revealed that every year, our favorite felines kill an astounding number of birds, small mammals, and reptiles. Cats will hunt wildlife whether they are well-fed or not; it’s just their nature. Spaying and neutering pets and keeping cats inside, especially during the spring breeding season, helps other species.