airport ID badges

airport ID badges

airport id badge - new - step 2a

If you need U.S. Customs Seal, you must go to the U.S. Customs Office to receive your U.S. Custom Seal approval prior to badge issuance. The U.S. Customs Office is located at Terminal 1, Mezzanine Level, next to the Security Access Office - East Side.

airport id badge - renewal - step 3

Airport Identification Badge Issuance Renewal

For AOA Badge holders, after you have successfully completed the Security Training(s), you are ready to be re-badged and ensure you bring the required items noted below:

For Sterile and Terminal badge holders, see instructions below:

airport id badge - renewal - intro

Airport Identification Badges can only be renewed a month before its expiration date. The Security Access Office conducts all safety and security training requirements for the issuance of an airport badge. The Security Access Office no longer accepts SIDA training certificates from any Airport companies.

airport id badge - visitor - step 1

Written Request for Visitor Badges

  • All requests are subject to approval by the Security Access Office Manager.


airport id badge - visitor - intro

The Security Access Office (SAO) issues temporary Visitor badges to Airport businesses. Visitor (V) badges are used within AOA/Secured Sterile and Restricted Areas of the Airport during visits of short duration such as tours, pre-employment interviews, and repair work.

airport id badge - vehicle permit - step 3

Non-Registered Vehicle Permit Request Form

airport id badge - vehicle permit - step 1

Vehicle Permit Request Form

  • Authorized Signatory MUST sign the form
  • All requests are subject for approval by Security Access Office Manager

airport id badges - security key procedures

Airport Security Keys

Security Access Office (SAO) issues and ensures accountability, control and management of all keys that access the Secured Area, Air Operations Area, Security Identifications Display Area and Sterile Area. To obtain Airport security keys, applicant must possess an unexpired SFO Airport ID badge.

To obtain a new security key:

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