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Requirements for Renewal of an Airport ID Badge

Airport I.D. Badges issued by San Francisco International Airport (SFO) must be renewed at the Security Access Office (SAO) every two (2) years. SFO is required by The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to verify all Airport I.D. Badge Applicants identity and authorization to work by Requiring the individual to present the identity and work authorization document(s) approved for use in the “Lists of Acceptable Documents” attached to the most current “ Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification,” issued by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service.  For more information and the list of acceptable documents visit

Examples of Acceptable Identity and Authorization Documents

  • a U.S. Passport, unexpired and a California state driver's license
  • a Permanent Resident Card and a California state driver's license 
  • a California driver's license and a Social Security Card
  • a California driver's license and original Birth Certificate

It is very important that your full name matches all documents exactly, including any middle names or additional last names.  Any application not containing the required documents will not be processed.

Timeframe to Renew ID Badge

Badges can be renewed up to one (1) month before expiration. Badges that are expired for more than thirty (30) days will have to go through the entire fingerprinting process again.

If your job requires you to have a customs seal, you must obtain the US Customs seal prior to renewing your Airport I.D. Badge.

Computer-Based Examinations 

The following Safety /Security exams are required for renewal of an ID Badge:

  • Ramp Safety Course – AOA I.D. Badge Holders
  • Driving – AOA and if required in writing by your employer
  • Fueling – AOA and if required in writing by your employer

The Security Access Office conducts all safety and security training requirements for the issuance of an Airport I.D. Badge. The Security Access Office no longer accept SIDA training certificates from any Airport tenant or vendor.