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Recycled Water

Recycled Water

The Airport’s Mel Leong Treatment Plant (MLTP) Recycled Water Program produces millions of gallons of recycled water every year, all of which is subject to reuse requirements established by the Regional Water Quality Control Board(1).  Some of this water is reserved solely for uses associated with the MLTP itself, such as process water for various wastewater treatment operations.  However, in July 2014, a recycled water fill station was installed at the MLTP in order to supply additional water for dust control and street sweeping activities.  

Recycled water use at SFO is currently limited, but the Airport is in the process of building a new Tertiary Treatment System which is projected to be completed in 2019.  This new facility will provide a tertiary treated effluent which can then be used for a much broader range of applications such as unrestricted irrigation, flushing of toilets and urinals in the terminal areas, supplying Airport cooling systems and firefighting activities.

Currently, an unlimited amount of recycled water is available to all Airport employees, tenants, and outside contractors, as long as its use is restricted to Airport property and involves either dust control or street/parking lot sweeping.  To obtain authorization for recycled water hydrant use, please contact a BPPP member to complete a brief permitting process.  This process includes:

  1. Submitting registration and insurance information for vehicles that will be transporting recycled water.
  2. Allowing all vehicles that will be transporting recycled water to be visually inspected.
  3. Placing stickers on said vehicles to identify them as recycled water users.
  4. Having all personnel that will be using recycled water undergo a brief safety training.

(1)The MLTP is subject to the San Francisco Regional Water Quality Control Board General Order No. 96-011; Water Reuse Requirements for Municipal Wastewater Treatment Producers in Region 2, and Order 91-042 for 23 MPN Restricted Water Reuse.