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Security Recognition Program

As Safety and Security is our First Priority, SFO is continuously seeking ways to raise security awareness at the Airport.  One way is through the Security Recognition Program which recognizes and rewards members of the Airport community who demonstrate positive security behaviors that meet one of the following criterion:

  1. Reporting a potential or actual security incident.
  2. Preventing or detecting a potential or actual security incident.
  3. Performing an action resulting in improved response and resolution by public safety officials.
  4. Demonstrating exceptional support of security initiatives.
  5. Preforming other action(s) that demonstrate exemplary security awareness or constitute instructional value.

Employees who observe other employees exhibiting these behaviors are encouraged to share them with the Security Operations Center.

We are all safer when employees are cognizant and informed about security rules and procedures.  Recognizing and rewarding positive security behaviors will assist in further developing the security culture at the Airport.

For more information, contact the Security Operations Center (SOC) at 650.821.3915.  The SOC is open 24 hours a day.