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SFO Green Business Program

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The Program   

Green Biz logoSFO’s Green Business Program was created in partnership with San Francisco and San Mateo Counties to offer no-cost support to Airport tenants in areas of energy and water conservation,  waste reduction,  pollution prevention and cost reduction.  This program enables SFO businesses to connect to new services, access equipment at no cost, and gain the ability to take advantage of new financial incentives.  In return, our Green Business Program helps the Airport to achieve its campus-wide environmental goals of creating a healthier environment for the Airport’s guests and employees.   SFO collaborates with the California Green Business Program to provide tenants with statewide recognition.


Certified Green Businesses operate at a higher environmental standard and, in return, gain recognition for their accomplishments at annual events and on the Green Business California Program website.  Key benefits include:

  • Save Money:  By implementing energy-efficient electronic devices, water-efficient aerators, and other environmentally-friendly technologies and behaviors, tenants can realize a significant reduction in monthly utility bills.  Once certified, SFO will also issue a new, discounted trash permit fee.  SFO certified businesses have seen savings between $1,000 and $2,500 a year through this discount alone.
  • Make Money:  A Green Business Certification demonstrates a tenant’s commitment to the environment.  Bay Area residents and international travelers alike enjoy supporting businesses that represent their personal values and demonstrate social and environmental responsibility.
  • Free Environmental Consulting:  SFO’s team is here to shepherd you through this process and answer questions.  This includes assistance with completing the online checklist, conducting onsite assessments and training your team in sustainable practices. 
  • Health:  Certifying as a Green Business helps reduce the environmental footprint of an operation while demonstrating a commitment to improving the health of employees and customers.  SFO will train and educate employees about practices to keep businesses clean, safe, and free of toxic substances and hazardous chemicals.  We can also pair you with other health and wellness services, such as commuter benefits, that provide alternative transportation options for your employees. 

Certification Process

  1. Register at GreenBusinessCA.org and download the Green Business Checklist (use 94128 as your zip code).  Complete as much of the form as you are able.
  2. Host a site visit with SFO’s team to review your checklist and learn about new environmental practices that can help save you money.
  3. Finalize by submitting documentation to confirm that all checklist items are complete.  Certified businesses receive a certificate, electronic logo and window decal to display and use in marketing materials.

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Certified Green Businesses

View a list of certified Green Businesses at SFO.



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