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Apply - Moratorium

Please note that a Concession Agreement has been awarded last May. 2016 on Shared-Ride Permits and the Airport is currently not accepting new applicants. 

The term of each Concession Agreement is three (3) years, with two (2) renewal options, each for a period of one year, exercised at the sole discretion of the Airport Commission.

The renewal information applies to existing Shared-Ride operators.

PDF iconCommercial GTU Permit June 2018 (shared-ride van).pdf


Shared Ride Permits expire on October 31 of each year.  Annual renewal web notices are sent in August and permits are renewed during the months of September and October.

Annual renewal web notices are sent as a reminder and permits are renewed via the Operator Web Portal during the months of August  through October. 

There is an annual registration fee (see Fees tab) for each vehicle.  All submitted information will be reviewed to ensure accuracy and all vehicles will be inspected by Airport mechanics. 

In addition, vans or buses with less than 11 seats require a certified brake certificate. 11 seats or more vehicle will require a California Highway Patrol (CHP) Inspection. Outstanding trip fees and/or administrative fines must be paid prior to renewal.

Clean Vehicle Requirement    (Exhibit B Section 5(b), Operating Permit)

One hundred percent  (100%) of Shared Ride Vehicles must be powered solely by Compressed Natural Gas (CNG),  or by a fuel, engine and/or dirivertrain designated by the Airport as CNG equivalent or lower in emissions . In addition, Permittee may not operate any Permittee Vehicle beyond seven (7) years of the model year of manufacture (e.g. 2017 for a 2010 model year vehicle) or 500,000 miles, whichever occurs first, unless the Director authorizes in writing.



If you are planning to cease operating from SFO, please request your permit termination using the Operator Web Portal


Once a permit is terminated, an operator must wait nine (9) months before reapplying.



Minimum Account Balance on Prepaid Accounts
Permittee shall at all times maintain the Minimum Account Balance required by the Director (and as may be increased from time to time in the Director’s sole discretion) and comply with all other terms and conditions required of Permittee for establishing and maintaining such account. You must maintain the minimum threshold of the prepaid account at all times. Any amount in the prepaid balance is refundable after the termination of permit. Any money owed to the Airport will be deducted from the prepaid balance)

Trip/Loop Fees
Based on the Approved Commission Resolution (See …)

Annual Registration
Annual registration fees must be paid at the renewal of each type of permit and when adding a new vehicle to a fleet.

Temporary Identification Permit (TIP)

Operator Re-orientation Fee (for revoked or suspended permits)

Late Permit Renewal Fee (Non-Limousine)
Submission or renewal request after the date stipulated on renewal notice or days or  from the annual renewal notice date.
$200.00 (per permit) 

Offsite Vehicle Inspection Service Fee (for fleets of 25 or more vehicles)
Less than 20 miles away from SFO (per vehicle) $15.00
20 miles or more (per vehicle) $30.00

All fees are paid via the Operator Web Portal (Visa/Mastercard/Discover/American Express).  Cash will not be accepted.

Pick-up & Drop-off Locations

Passenger Drop-Offs

  • Domestic Terminals: Terminal Curb White Zones on Level 2 (Departures).
  • International Terminal: Terminal Curb White Zones on Level 3 (Departures).

Passenger Pick-Ups

  • Domestic Terminals: Designated Red and White Zones, Center Island on Level 2 (Departures).
  • International Terminal: Designated Red and White Zones, Center Island on Level 3 (Departures).

The above Designated Areas may be revised by the Director at any time by providing notice to Permittee.

For directions, visit: www.flysfo.com/maps.