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Storm Water Pollution Prevention

Storm DrainStorm water contamination is one of the most serious pollution-related issues at SFO.  There are many hazardous substances on Airport property, including jet fuel, oil and lavatory waste.  Since all of SFO’s storm drains have the potential to flow directly to the Bay, spills involving these substances can have a wide range of adverse impacts on the environment.  In addition, the Airport could be subject to substantial fines.

Employees can help protect the Airport’s storm drains by:

  1. Being aware of the location of storm drains near their work area and helping ensure that they are clearly visible.
  2. Ensuring that hazardous substances or equipment containing hazardous substances are not stored near storm drains.  
  3. Parking vehicles away from storm drain catch basins.
  4. Storing drums that hold hazardous substances indoors, or in a covered area if an indoor location is not available, and in secondary containment.
  5. Using drip pans to catch spilled fluids while performing maintenance work on vehicles or equipment.
  6. Protecting nearby storm drains in the event of a spill (if it is safe to do so) by placing a boom, straw wattle, or absorbent around a catch basin, or by placing a specially-designed drain cover directly over it.  Facilities that store large containers that house hazardous substances are required to have on site spill response kits.

The Airport has a strict policy of allowing only rain water into the storm drainage system.  To report a spill or a substance being dumped into a storm drain catch basin, please contact Airport Communications at 650.876.2323 or 911.

Complete the Storm Water Pollution Prevention Training Video Sign-Off Sheet.

For more information, view the SWPPP Training video.