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Summary of Airport Charges

The Summary of Airport Charges FY 19/20 provides information on fees and charges established and levied by the Airport Commission for the use of the San Francisco International Airport.

This booklet provides airlines, aviation support service providers, transportation operators, and other tenants with a description of the charges to which they may be subject. This booklet will also serve Airport staff as a comprehensive reference document by assembling in one source the rates, terms, effective dates, and references to the authorizing resolutions of the major charges currently in place.

While the Summary of Airport Charges attempts to describe current rates for the major charges established and levied by the Airport Commission, it is not intended to be all-inclusive. Many Airport Commission charges are incorporated in tenant leases that are fixed until renegotiated or adjusted periodically, in accordance with specific lease terms.

The language used in this booklet to describe the various fees and charges is intended to be informative only. It is not intended to provide definitions and terms for each fee type that would carry the weight of law. The Airport Commission and the City of San Francisco may not be held liable for an interpretation of charges based on this booklet. For a legal definition, please refer to associated Airport Commission approved resolutions.

Fees, charges, and rates may change at any time without notice and may have changed since the publication of this booklet.


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