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What is TaxiQ?

TaxiQ is the official SFO short trip app for taxi drivers operating at the Airport.  TaxiQ will allow drivers to participate in the Airport’s taxi short system, which provides head of line privileges upon return to the Airport for drivers who receive a “short” fare.  Unlike the previous time-based short system, where drivers needed to return to the lot within 30 minutes to claim a short, the new system will allow drivers up to two hours to return as long as they stay within the defined short-trip region.

TaxiQ also provides taxi drivers with real-time information about space availability in the holding lot and flight arrival and departure information.

What is it: TaxiQ is a smartphone app that tracks a taxi’s trip within SFO’s defined short-trip region (or “geofence”).

Who is it for:  Taxi drivers operating at SFO who want to take advantage of short trip privileges.

How to get it:  Download from the following locations:

How to log in:  To obtain a username and password, register for an account on the SFO/SFMTA web portal. Go to https://taxi.sfoconnect.com and click the “Register” button. Choose a username, and enter your driver license number and email address. The system will then send you an activation email. Click on the link in the email to create a password for your account. 

View the PDF iconTaxiQ User Guide

View the FileTaxiQ Presentation

Why Use TaxiQ?

  • Only drivers using TaxiQ are eligible for short-trip privileges.
  • Real-time lot status – check space availability in the holding lot before heading to SFO.
  • Flight status information – check on flight operations to plan your trip accordingly.

Details & Requirements

SFO/San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) Web Portal

In order to use TaxiQ, drivers must register for an account on the SFO/SFMTA Web Portal  - https://taxi.sfoconnect.com.  In addition to providing drivers access to TaxiQ, the Web Portal allows drivers to manage their A-Card accounts online, including checking their A-Card balance, viewing their trip history, and adding money to their A-Card.

Taxi Q Requirements and Operation:

1.  Drivers must register with the SFO/SFMTA Web Portal (https://taxi.sfoconnect.com) to obtain their login credentials for the TaxiQ app.

2.  Taxi Q app must be installed on mobile device.  TaxiQ was developed for Apple iPhone (4s or later) and Android running on Samsung Galaxy 5 or Motorola Moto E.  TaxiQ may work on other devices but support may be limited.

3.  Login into the mobile app using SFO/SFMTA Web Portal credentials (username and password) prior to the start of the first trip.

4.  In order to receive head-of-line privileges for a short trip:

a.            The TaxiQ app must be on during the entire trip.

b.            The driver must be logged in for the entire trip.

c.             GPS must be enabled during the entire trip.

d.            The vehicle must remain inside the short-trip geofence.

e.            The trip must not exceed two hours.

f.             The driver must return in the same vehicle and with the same phone.

g.            The taxi must have a valid SFO windshield transponder.

h.            The driver must have paid the trip fee and have been dispatched to the curb.



  • Q:  Does the app track me at all times?
  • A:  No.  TaxiQ tracks a driver only within the defined geofence after departing SFO with a passenger.




  • Q:  What if I don’t have one of the supported devices/operating systems?
  • A:  Taxi Q was developed for Apple iPhone (4s or later) and Android running on Samsung Galaxy 5 or Motorola Moto E.  TaxiQ may work on other devices but support may be limited.


  • Q:  What is a geofence?
  • A:  A geofence is a virtual GPS boundary that surrounds a defined geographic region.


  • Q:  How do I know if I’m still within the defined geofence?
  • A:  TaxiQ will alert a driver when they travel outside of the geofence.


  • Q:  How do I know how much time has elapsed on my current trip?
  • A:  TaxiQ displays a trip’s time starting at exit from the Airport.


  • Q:  Is there a time limit for short trips?
  • A:  Yes.  Trip must be completed within 2 hours of exiting the Airport.


  • Q:  What happens if I travel outside of the geofence?
  • A:  The TaxiQ app will alert you that you have exited the geofence, and you will no longer be eligible for a short trip.  The app will also stop tracking your location until you return to the Airport for your next trip.

Short Trip Map

Short Trip Map

See PDF Version of PDF iconTaxi Short Map