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When You're Safe, We're Safe

The San Francisco Police Department
Vehicle Inspection
Airport employees conduct vehicle inspections on the airside
The San Francisco Fire Department participates in the annual Emergency Exercise
Cyber Security
Cyber security
Traffic Enforcement
SFPD traffic enforcement monitors the curb
The Emergency Operations Center
FOD Walk
Airport employees remove Foreign Object Debris (FOD) from the runways
Custodial staff disposes of hazardous waste

All Ways Safe - See Something Say Something

When You’re Safe, We’re Safe

Our phones.  We can’t live without them.  Nowadays, we take them everywhere and they provide us with a continuous link to information and each other.  They allow us to instantly communicate alerts and concerns.  But, our phones can also be a big distraction – and a potentially dangerous one. That’s why we’re focusing our safety campaign on phone tips over the next few months.  Look for new posters in the breakrooms and at the secure doors.All Ways Safe - Driving

When you drive safe, we’re safe

Driving safely on the airfield requires 100% focus and concentration.  There are hundreds of moving vehicles of all shapes and sizes.  That’s why SFO has a policy of NO phone use on the airfield, or while driving a City vehicle. This means no texting or checking email. But it also means no phone conversations, even with hands-free devices, like earbuds. If you receive a call, or need to check your phone, you need to pull over in a safe area and come to a complete stop before doing so.  Or, better yet, let it wait until you are done on the airfield.

Do you have a safety concern or observation?  Email the Airport's Safety, Health & Wellness Office at SHWOffice@flysfo.com.