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Wildlife SFO

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Meet SFO's Wildlife Biologist

Hi, I'm Natalie Reeder, SFO's wildlife biologist. My role is to protect habitats of threatened and endangered species, and make the airport less attractive to wild animals.

Through WildlifeSFO, I will share information about our local environment and programs at SFO. I encourage you to participate in our wildlife program. Please send your comments, observations and suggestions to WildlifeSFO.

Did you know that a variety of wildlife including snakes, frogs, birds and mammals live on SFO property and that we have our very own Wildlife Program?

We even have two endangered species living on Airport property. Our West of Bayshore property is home to the endangered San Francisco Garter Snake and the shoreline is home to the Ridgway’s rail.  Learn more about the wildlife that shares our environment and provide your observations and comments.

The Airport’s Wildlife Program is a part of the Bureau of Planning and Environmental Affairs (BPEA) and is staffed with a full time biologist.  Natalie Reeder joined SFO in 2015 as the Airport's first full time biologist on staff and she is tasked with managing our Wildlife Program.

Protecting endangered species is just one aspect of the program. Another aspect is keeping the airfield safe and secure from animals that could pose a danger to aircraft operations. To do this, the Airport's Biologist works closely with Airfield Operations to manage wildlife and environmental issues. 

Wildlife Tips

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Native Species


Four snake species live on SFO's West-of-Bayshore property:  Pacific Gopher Snake, Pacific Ring-Necked Snake, Western Yellow-Bellied Racer and San Francisco Garter Snake.
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SFO’s West-of-Bayshore property supports two species of frogs: Sierran Treefrog and California Red-legged Frog.
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An abundance of birds including Ducks, Geese, Wading Birds, Diving Birds and Song Birds live near SFO.
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The Grey Fox, Striped Skunk, Long-Tailed Weasel, and Mule Deer have all been spotted on SFO's West-of-Bayshore property.
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