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Wildlife Tips

Help keep people and wildlife safe by following these tips. If you spot a wildlife issue at SFO, report it to WildlifeSFO

What to do if you spot a nest

Birds nest from February through August. Some birds nest multiple times in one year. When birds are building nests, they are not ready to lay eggs. Some have yet to find a mate. Before the nest is complete and eggs are laid, a bird will likely move elsewhere and build a new nest if the one they are building is destroyed. If you see a bird building a nest or carrying twigs or grass, please report it immediately to WildlifeSFO or call 650.821.7745. Ideally, the nest should be removed before it is complete. That way, the bird will be encouraged to nest in a place that is safer for itself and its chicks.

International treaty prohibits the destruction of a nest once eggs are laid. Some birds will become “imprinted” on the place they were born and may continue to stay there even if it is not safe for them. With your help, we can keep both birds and aircraft safe.

The danger of feeding animals

Animals tend to gravitate toward food. People enjoy feeding animals because they are able to interact with them and watch their behaviors; however, there are several reasons why you should never feed them. Attracting animals to SFO is harmful for them as well as the Airport. Animals that do not find food at SFO will move somewhere else, which is exactly what the Airport wants them to do.

Animals that appear hungry are not starving and if people stop feeding them, they will find food elsewhere. Another reason not to feed animals is that braver species are attracted in large numbers and eat all the food. As an example, pigeons, gulls and crows bully songbirds because they are more timid.  As a result, smaller birds not only are unable to take advantage of the food, but also may fall victim to the larger birds that sometimes attack them directly or eat their eggs or chicks.

Injured animals

Animals living in close proximity to humans are at greater risk of injury and death such as collision with vehicles. SFO is like a small city with traffic and that presents multiple hazards for animals.

Employees who encounter animals that are injured or behaving unusually should immediately report it to WildlifeSFO or call 650.821.7745. SFO’s local wildlife rehabilitation and animal rescue organization partners will ensure that the animal receives the help that it needs.