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Enjoy the Airport’s Xeriscapes

XeriscapingXeriscape is the term used for landscaping that uses more drought tolerant plant species to reduce irrigation and water consumption.  This method has been adopted and is being widely used by SFO's Landscaping Department to help sustain its water conservation goals.  Xeriscaping helps the Airport to reach its conservation goals, reduces overall water usage, and makes SFO look even more attractive!

The Airport's Geographical Information System (GIS) and Mapping team collaborated to create an interactive map that features SFO's Xeriscapes.  Access and view more than 80 sceneries and photos along with a brief description about what they are and where they are located around the Airport.

For more information about the Airport's landscapes, contact James Brassil at James.Brassil@flysfo.com.


View the XERISCAPe Map


Visit the San Francisco Planning Department's SF Plant Finders site, a resource for gardeners, designers, ecologists and others interested in greening neighborhoods, enhancing urban ecology and surviving the drought. The Plant Finder recommends appropriate plants for sidewalks, private backyards and roofs that are adapted to San Francisco's unique environment, climate and habitats.