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ABR, A&E Standards, Tenant Improvement Guide

The Airport Building Regulations (ABR):

The ABR governs the San Francisco International Airport's (SFO's or Airport's) implementation and enforcement of the California Building Standards Codes (Cal. Reg. Title 24) (Building Codes). The ABR was adopted by the Airport Commission on October 17, 2017 by Resolution No. 17-0271, and is enforced by the Airport Building Official and the Building Inspection and Code Enforcement (BICE) Section, a section within the Airport Facilities Division. The documents below govern SFO design and construction work:



Airport Architecture and Engineering (A&E) Standards:

The A&E Standards are Airport requirements for design and construction work in addition to the requirements provided within the Building Codes. The development, revision, and approval of alternatives/exceptions to the A&E Standards is administered by the Standards Committee established by the Airport Director. Airport Guidance Documents: The Guidance Documents supplement the A&E Standards with aspirational goals and guidelines for all Projects. The Guidance Documents focus on project delivery processes and select design elements of particular importance to the Airport. The Guidance Documents also include Production Standards to ensure construction documents (and use of BIM and CAD) are consistently developed and prepared across Airport projects. Guidance Documents include: Delivering Exceptional Projects; Principles of R.E.A.C.H., and Production Standards. The development, revision, and approval of the Guidance Documents is administered by the Airport's Chief Development Officer.


















Tenant Improvement Guide (TIG):

The TIG outlines processes, procedures and requirements for Other Projects, which are projects at the Airport administered by anyone other than the Airport itself, including tenants, concessions, airlines and other permittees. To obtain a copy of the TIG, contact your appropriate representative in Aviation Management or Revenue Development.