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The limited vehicle safety inspections are conducted at GTU . Taxi renewal is based on vehicle mileage and renewal season is throughout the year.

Taxi renewal season normally commences in May and ends in September every year.  For semi-annual inspections, two months are allocated to operators (scheduled six months or less apart depending on the mileage).

Vehicles that exceed 200,000 miles or are designated as “spare” require a semi-annual inspection.  If the vehicles are well below that threshold, only an annual inspection will be required.  All previously submitted information will be reviewed to ensure accuracy. 



GTU Address:  947 North Field Rd
                         San Francisco CA, 94128

Always please check in at the GTU office first for all taxicab transactions.


  • Please present the following documents when checking in for a safety inspection:
  • Original Brake Certificate (if over 7,500 miles), valid for 90 days
  • Current DMV Registration
  • Current Insurance Card
  • Original valid CA Driver’s License
  • Original valid A-Card


  • Original Triple AAA Vehicle Inspection Report (short form is acceptable)
  • Original CARFAX Vehicle History Report (obtain at www.carfax.com)

Please present the following items when checking in for a transponder replacement:

  • Current DMV Registration
  • Windshield replacement receipt
  • Old transponder


Trip/Loop Fees
$5 for trips originating from SFO ($4 pass-through to passenger)

Annual Vehicle Registration and Safety Inspection Fee

  • Semi-annual Taxi Safety Inspection Fee (per vehicle) $55.00
  • Taxi Smart-Card Replacement Fee (2nd and subsequent replacements per card) $25.00

Failed Inspection Fee $125.00
Applies to any taxicab that failed the vehicle safety inspection based on the  following critical safety items:

  1. Air Bag
  2. ABS Light
  3. Check Engine Light
  4. Bald Tires
  5. Parking Brake

Late Inspection Cycle Fee $250.00

Offsite Vehicle Inspection Service Fee (for fleets of 25 or more vehicles)

  • Less than 20 miles away from SFO (per vehicle) $20.00
  • 20 miles or more (per vehicle) $40.00

 All fees are paid via the Operator Web Portal (Visa/Mastercard/Discover/American Express).  Cash will not be accepted.


Pick-up & Drop-off Locations

Pick-up areas are in the designated yellow/red zones on the center island of both the International and Domestic Terminals.


Drop-off areas are in the white zones, curbside on the Departures or Arrivals levels.

The designated areas may be changed at the discretion of the Airport Director.  All use shall only be permitted during the times designated by Airport Director.

Please contact the Ground Transportation Unit (GTU) at gtu@flysfo.com with questions. When emailing GTU, please indicate your Company name and TCP# (MCC, ICC, DOT,) in the “Subject” line.

For directions, visit: www.flysfo.com/maps.

Thank you for your cooperation with the Airport’s on-going program to ensure the safety and security of all SFO passengers.