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Zero Energy and Resilient Outcomes (ZERO) Committee

Zero Energy and Resilient Outcomes (ZERO) Committee

The Airport’s Zero Energy and Resilient Outcomes (ZERO) Committee is tasked with guiding all projects, including tenant build-outs and improvements, to achieve zero net energy, carbon neutrality, zero waste, and improved indoor environmental quality as defined in SFO’s current Strategic Plan. Recognizing both the volume and importance of the Airport’s tenants in achieving these goals, the ZERO Committee formed a Tenant-focused Sub-Committee in the Fall of 2018.  The Tenant Subcommittee initially meets with the proposing tenant to discuss potential utility and cost-effective design strategies and reviews required documents, and continues to track tenant progress towards implementing those strategies at each major design milestone.

In order to facilitate tenant thinking and integration of the Airport’s “zero” goals during programming and design, along with aligned municipal (i.e. SF Environment Code) and state building code requirements (i.e. California Title 24, including CALGreen), tenant teams are to complete the following steps, including required documents, and submit them to the ZERO Tenant Subcommittee.

For any questions regarding the ZERO Tenant Subcommittee Review process, please contact SFO’s ZERO Committee Project Specialist Emily Naud at Emily.Naud@flysfo.com.

Step 1 - Project Initiation

Review the Environmental Compliance Guidelines and contact key Airport personnel for all projects with backup diesel generators, integrated pest management, asbestos and lead-based paint abatement.

Step 2 - Zero Tenant Subcommittee Review (Design Phase)

Immediately following award, fill out the ZERO Tenant Subcommittee Intake Form noting a request to the Committee, where justified, for expedited review.  Expedited review may be granted for projects that are less than 10,000 square feet and/or will not modify SFO’s mechanical or architectural systems.  Expedited review waives tenants' projects from presenting in-person to the ZERO Tenant Subcommittee; however, all other required forms and documentation noted in the Intake Form, and below, must be submitted.

The ZERO Tenant Subcommittee will review the Form and contact you within two business days of completion.  If approved for expedited review, skip to STEP 3. If expedited review is not granted, or was not initially requested, complete the full ZERO Tenant Subcommittee process by:

  • Responding to the email from the ZERO Tenant Subcommittee to confirm a presentation date.
  • After review by the Infrastructure Review Committee (IRC) and before review by the Design Review Committee (DRC), your project will present the following to the Tenant Subcommittee:

Step 3 - Design Completion

Tenants are to: Complete CALGreen Checklist (Mandatory is required; Tier 1 and 2 are voluntary) and send to BICE as required (650.821.5980 or sfobice@flysfo.com).

In addition, tenants shall complete the following forms and send them to SFO’s Project Specialist, Emily Naud, at Emily.Naud@flysfo.com.  Contact Emily Naud at 650.821.5074 with any questions about preparing or submitting these forms and/or attachments.

  1. Green Business Design Checklist
  2. San Francisco Green Building Submittal GS-6 Form and LEED Scorecard, along with all required supplemental documentation
  3. ZERO Tenant Subcommittee Closeout Form, including all required attachments: Stamped CALGreen Checklist, stamped GS-6 form, LEED Scorecard, and supporting documentation as applicable (i.e. forms, Energy Model, LCA/SROI model).

Step 4 - Construction

(*Note:  Call 911 to report all spills, leaks immediately)

Complete Construction Demolition Debris Management Plan & Worksheets and send to SFE, copy Emily Naud, Tenant Project Specialist, 650.821.5074 or Emily.Naud@flysfo.com.

Step 5 - Operations

Join SFO’s growing Green Business network to ensure ongoing sustainability across daily activities by:

  1. Register as a Green Business. Enter “94128” as your Zip Code. Select “SFO Airport” as your city.
  2. Schedule & host a site visit (650.821.5074, Emily.Naud@flysfo.com)
  3. Gain certification, recognition and a discounted trash permit fee!

For Restaurants: Review the Green Business Checklist for Restaurants and:

For Offices/Retail/Passenger Services: Review the Green Business Checklist for Offices/Retail.