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Authorized Signatory

An Authorized Signatory is the designated representative authorized to request Airport Identification badges and maintain employee records on behalf of their agency. A company may designate a maximum of  3 Authorized Signatories.

All airline and concession tenants doing business with SFO are required to have an Authorized Signatory on file with the Security Access Office. Failure to complete the Authorized Signatory requirements will result in delays with badging process.

Roles & Responsibilities

An Authorized Signatory:

  • Verifies employees I-9 documentation/identification requirements
  • Pre-enroll new applicants using the AIDMS Web Portal.  For step by step instructions, please see the PDF icon Authorized Signatory AIDMS Web Portal SOP Pre-Enrollment Process.
  • If necessary, please use the PDF icon Badge Application Sample to gather all required information from the employee. Please remember that this Sample application is just used for capturing information for your use and should not be turned in to the Security Access Office. In addition, all applications should be properly secured or archived.
  • Updates Security Access Office on changes of employment status for all employees (such as termination or resignation)
  • Immediately reports lost or stolen Airport Badges to the Security Access Office.  For step by step instructions, please see the PDF icon Authorized Signatory AIDMS Web Portal SOP Badge Status Update.
  • Returns terminated badges with termination letter to the Security Access Office
  • Maintains employee badging rosters and serves as a primary contact for airport badging audits
  • Provides current contact information such as name, company name, company mailing address, email address, and company phone number
  • Audits and retrieves Airport Security Keys
  • Notifies Security Access Office on status changes of designated Authorized Signatories
  • Registers employees for Fingerprinting appointments and Computer Based Training classes
  • Ensures employees are aware of zero tolerance policy in regards to cheating in Computer Based Training classes
  • Authorizes employee badge renewals through the AIDMS Web Portal.  For step by step instructions, please see the PDF icon Authorized Signatory AIDMS Web Portal SOP - Renewal.

Become an Authorized Signatory

Once a company has been officially established to do business in SFO, a designated representative must complete the badging application process. Authorized Signatories must also complete Authorized Signatory Training on an annual basis.

To become an Authorized Signatory, please have your current Authorized Signatory email with an explanation of why an additional Authorized Signatory is warranted.

For more information on Authorized Signatories, please call 650.821.5200.