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Badge Terminations

Authorized Signatories are required to immediately report any change in an employee’s employment status to the Security Access Office.  If an employee is no longer working for a company or if the employee no longer requires a badge, a Termination Request Form must be submitted along with the employee’s badge. 

If the SAO does not receive the termination form AND the employee’s badge within 3 business days, a $150 fee will be applied for each individual that was not terminated and/or any badges that were not returned within the allotted time.   Employers that do not comply will also be subject to the fines outlined in Rule 7.4(A)(9) of the Airport Rules and Regulations.  Keep in mind that these fines are for the Airport only and if applicable, the Customs and Border Protection office does assess separate fines.

In order to increase the efficiency of the termination process, termination forms and terminated badges can be dropped off at the SAO Satellite Office to avoid waiting in line at the main SAO office.  Once the documents are dropped off, an SAO staff member will process the termination and email the Authorized Signatories a copy of the completed termination.  No copies of the terminations will be given at the time of drop off.

Terminations with a Customs Seal

If an employee with a Customs Seal on their badge is being terminated, the Authorized Signatory will need to bring the employee’s badge, SAO termination form, and a Customs termination memo to the SAO Satellite Office.  The SAO will process the termination and submit the PDF icon Customs Termination Memo to the Customs office.  Once the termination has been processed, the SAO will email the Authorized Signatories a copy of all the documents.

Employees with Multiple Employers

If an employee is being terminated from one company but is also employed with other companies, that employee will need to go to the SAO to have the company they are no longer employed with removed from their badge.  For employees with multiple employers, it is the responsibility of the terminating employer to submit a termination form to the SAO, and the responsibility of the employee to have their former employer removed from their badge.  If the employee fails to remove the employer, their badge will be suspended.