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Spill Response

Spill ResponseThere are several steps employees can take to minimize the impact of a spill and to ensure it is reported to the proper parties:

  1. Stay calm and make sure that you and those around you are safe.  Safety is our number one priority.
  2. Call Airport Communications at 650.876.2323 or 911.  Accurately describe the material that has spilled, the spill size, its exact location, and whether a storm drain has been affected.
  3. Stay as close to the spill as safely possible in order to monitor its condition and warn others to not enter the area. Safety Data Sheets (SDS) can be helpful to determine safe distances, as they specify any hazards or health risks.
  4. Protect nearby storm drains that are in danger of being contaminated if it is safe to do so.  This can be accomplished by creating a barrier around them by using booms, straw wattles, absorbent, etc., or by placing a specially designed cover directly over the catch basin.  These materials should be stored on site as part of a clearly labeled spill kit.
  5. Wait for the First Responder to arrive.  In most cases, this will be the San Francisco Fire Department.

View information about how to respond to PDF iconHazardous Materials Incidents.

Complete the Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) Training Sign-Off Sheet.

For more information, view the SPCC Training video.