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Badge Renewals

Step 1: Apply

The Authorized Signatory must renew the employee’s badge through the  Airport Identity Management System (AIDMS).  For step by step instructions on how to renew an applicant, please see the PDF iconAuthorized Signatory AIDMS Web Portal SOP - Renewal.


Step 2: U.S. Customs Seal

If your company or operation requires access to the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Security Areas at San Francisco International Airport (SFO) as defined in 19 CFR 122.181.  Please contact the CBP Security Seals Office at 650-877-4002 or email at sfocbpseals@cbp.dhs.gov

Employees who are issued a 1 year only badge due to privileges (i.e. Movement Area, Sterile Badge, or Authorized Signatory) or other restrictions DO NOT need to see CBP every year. Customs Seals are valid for 2 years. When you receive the badge expiration email for an employee and their badge is issued annually, please check with the SAO to see if that employee will need to see CBP for this renewal period. Please ensure you check with the SAO, via email at sfo.sao@flysfo.com or by phone at 650.821.5200, before making an appointment for CBP renewal.

Do not attempt to make any appointments for application for a CBP Security Seal until your company has been identified and established with the local SFO CBP Seals Office. Doing so will lead to applications and appointments being cancelled.

There will be only 15 standbys for CBP every day. There are no guarantees that all standbys will be seen.

  • Standby’s will be accepted beginning at 0600
  • Standby’s will check in at the SAO Reception Desk to receive a standby number
  • IDs will be verified during check in and again in the CBP office
  • The standby process is on a first come first serve basis and there are no guarantees that all standby’s will be seen.  Standbys who are not seen will be required to repeat this process the following day


U.S. Customs Office Location

International Terminal, Main Hall, 5th Level
Next to the Security Access Office

Customs Office Map

Required Documentation

For more information about U.S. Custom Seal requirements, call 650.877.4002 or visit www.cbp.gov.

Step 3: Security Training

Security Training Requirements

All badge holders are required to complete and pass the Security Training(s) prior to issuing a renewed badge.


Schedule Computer-Based Security Training


On the Day of Your Security Training Appointment

You must bring the following to your Security Training(s) appointment:

  • Your current SFO Airport AOA badge
  • 2 forms of unexpired PDF icongovernment issued identification
    • 1 to establish identity and
    • 1 to establish employment authorization
    • Examples include: a U.S. Passport and California Driver’s License; a Permanent Resident Card and California Driver’s License.
    • I-9 List of Acceptable Documents
  • Payment either by check payable to Airport Commission or Visa/Mastercard credit card.

Security Training Location

Security Access Office
International Terminal, Main Hall, 5th Level

Security Access Office Map

Step 4: Badge Issuance

For all Badge holders, after successfully completing your Security Training, you are ready to have your badge reissued.


For Sterile, AOA, and Terminal badge holders, see instructions below:

  • You must bring the following to the Security Access Office – International Terminal, Main Hall, 5th Level:
  • Your current SFO Airport AOA, Sterile, or Terminal Badge
  • 2 forms of unexpired PDF icongovernment issued identification:
    • 1 to establish identity and
    • 1 to establish employment authorization
    • Examples include: a U.S. Passport and California Driver’s License; a Permanent Resident Card and California Driver’s License).
    • For more information and list of acceptable documents, visit http://www.uscis.gov/i-9
  • A badge renewal payment either by check payable to Airport Commission or Visa/Mastercard credit card.

An employee’s failure to return an Airport ID Badge to the employer/sponsor or the Airport within three (3) business days after the termination/separation date will result in the employee being deemed ineligible from being issued another Airport ID Badge or being escorted at the Airport for a period of two (2) years from the termination/separation date. The employee may become eligible to be issued another Airport ID Badge prior to the two (2) year period if the employee returns the badge to the Airport before the expiration date printed on the badge.

When an employee picks up their badge from the Security Access Office (SAO), they will be required to sign the Badge Application acknowledging that the applicant understands this policy.