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Air Operations Area Vehicle Permits


For questions about vehicle permits, please call 650.821.5200.

All vehicles operating on the Air Operations Area (AOA) must be registered with the Security Access Office and prominently display an identification number decal or permit.

Vehicle permits are good for 1 year, based on the vehicle registration date.  All requests are subject to approval by the Security Access Office Manager.

New Permits and Permit Renewals

Complete and Sign the PDF iconVehicle Permit Request Form. An Authorized Signatory must sign the form.  All vehicle permit requests must be accompanied by a valid California DMV registration document.

Non-Registered Vehicles

For vehicles that are not registered with the California DMV, complete and sign the PDF iconNon-Registered Vehicle Permit  Request Form. An Authorized Signatory must sign the form.

For drivers with a non-California driver's license, complete and sign the PDF iconRequest for Waiver of California river's License Requirement  form.  An Authorized Signatory must fill out and sign the form.

Liability Insurance

A recent Certificate of Liability Insurance must be on file at the Security Access Office. The Insurance certificate must show the City and County of San Francisco as  the certificate holder and coverage must be in excess of $2 million. Airlines and tenants holding lease agreements with the Airport are exempt from having liability insurance. Processing of vehicle permit requests may be delayed if the Certificate of Liability Insurance is not on file.

Completed Forms

Fax the completed Vehicle Permit Request form and Certificate of Liability Insurance to 650.821.5259. There is a $40.00 fee per vehicle permit payable by check or credit card.

Permit Pick-Up Location

A Security Access Office representative will contact you once the request has been processed.  Permits can be picked up at the Security Access Office – International Terminal, Main Hall, 5th Level.