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Briggo Coffee Haus

Quality, consistency and convenience to the on-the-go coffee craver, 24/7

BriggoBriggo is the leader in connected coffee, empowering people to create perfectly customized, gourmet coffee on-demand. Passengers at SFO can now order ahead from the Briggo mobile app or customize their favorite coffee and tea drinks on the Coffee Haus touchscreens. Using the precision and efficiency of robotic technology, specialty drinks are then crafted within minutes from high-altitude arabica beans, fresh dairy and gourmet syrups.  

Beans ground onsite

BriggoEvery single espresso shot is ground fresh on site inside the automated Coffee Haus.  Briggo’s blend is always made with high-altitude arabica beans that accentuate the best elements of each of its origins. From Guatemala’s hints of bittersweet cocoa to El Salvador’s bright fruitiness and Brazil’s full body, this blend exhibits balanced acidity, complex flavors, and a velvety finish.

The Briggo experience

Conveniently located just inside security at Terminal 3, Gate 72 (across from Yankee Pier), Briggo is the fresh, fast alternative to a traditional coffee café line. Download the Briggo app, and the first cup is on the house!  Order ahead so you can grab-and-go on your way through security or leaving the jetway.   You’ll get a text when ready, then claim your drink and you’re on your way!

BriggoBriggo allows customers to save and name their favorite drinks so that they can order ahead with one click.  Every single attribute of every Briggo experience is tracked, from the type of drink that was ordered to the specifics of the drink quality, temperature, etc.  When Briggo engages with customers there is a full diagnostic history of their Briggo experiences which helps to customize service and respond with urgency.



How can employees take advantage of the 15% discount? 

Two incredibly simple steps! Download the Briggo app, then register for your 15% discount and one FREE drink here.